Posted by: Jeff LaHaye | September 16, 2011

Being professional: all sports blogs are not the same

After spending a few hours or so searching the internet for blogs, I realized how many people want their voices heard in the media. Blogs about food, sports, fashion, and many more. But how can people sort through the thousands of blogs for credible information and sources. I tend to stay away from citizen blogs and instead I found two blogs to analyze. The first Blog is from written by journalist Anthony Castrovince.

reminded me of how a fan die hard fan would report their favorite sports team. He blogs often but does not blog everyday and writes more about the teams roster moves then the team’s record. One Blog that caught my eye was about former All-Star Jim Thome coming back to Cleveland to finish his career. I his blogs, Anthony tries to capture the feelings of fans towards the team in his blogs, making his writings feel more like opinions then just information. He also reports on the how the team is trying to better the community.

Castrovince’s blog does have comments on almost every one of his posts, but I have yet to find a story where Castrovince comments back to his readers. Readers have has discussions commenting between each other but Castrovince does not try to be involved with his readers.

     His blog does showcase some good qualities that all blogs should follow. All his information is current on the team and his blog contains an archive list and links to other MLB websites. He has shorter paragraphs and sentence structure, includes pictures and quality information.  The only problem I have with his blog is the lack of links in his posts. After looking through a week of posts I never once found a link to another website to give his post more attribution. This leads me to question his blog’s credibility.

     What I liked about Castrovince’s blog is that it centered around what a true Cleveland Indian’s fan wants to read about. How the team is performing and how are they giving back to the community. It’s a nice emotional and information blog but the lack of attribution discourages me from using this site as a quality source. If it were my blog I would make sure to add links in the posts and comment back to answer readers questions. Overall I found this blog to be an enjoyable read but not a credible source of information.

The second blog that I analyzed was from written by Adam Rittenburg. Rittenburg has been writing for espn since 2008.  Compared to the last blog I analyzed, this blog deserved to be in an entire new blog category.

Rittenburg’s blog focuses on the Big Ten conference of college football. News and information about every team is presented. Posts include videos, mailbag questions answered, informational posts with links to every Big Ten team. In my eyes this blog covers everything and anything a Big Ten fan would want to know.

Rittenburg makes sure that he responds to his followers with his mailblog posts. In these posts, Rittenburg answers readers questions by first showing the readers questions and then posts his response. He also lets his readers comment back on his answers, creating conversations on his blog. This is the best way I have found to interact with blog readers and their comments. It is very effective creating conversations between the writter and the reader.

The blog contains many great qualities that all great blogs should have. Rittenburg has a video segment every week called Friday Four Downs where he tackles four teams and their issues going into their next games. His posts have pictures and plenty of links to give his blog credibility.

I believe that his use of multimedia and immediacy is what makes his blog so interesting to follow. His writing is informational and his paragraphs are short, perfect for a blog. Each team in the Big Ten also has its own category of posts so fans of a team can read posts specifically about their favorite team. His writing always has links to stories contributing to his text that give the reader an aboundent source of information about the Big Ten. His blog is effective and engages the reader to further explore the espn website.

To me, this blog has everything someone would want to know about the Big Ten. Its weaknesses are…….few to none. If this was my blog I would not change a thing. This blog is the best sports blog I have encountered on the web so far. The comparison of the two blogs has me wondering why a site like would allow a blog like Castrovince’s to be associated with their website. I feel like could do a lot better with their blogs information and multimedia capabilities. Overall the two blogs showcase what blogs are lacking on the web and what the perfect sports blog can become.



  1. I don’t know much about sports, so it was nice to learn how people blog about them. I think the mailblog posts is a really good way to respond to readers as well. Also, you might want to check out the first sentence in the second paragraph of your blog, I think there’s a little typo.

  2. The writing style used in this is interesting, I love the use of bold and the numerous hotlinks that are in the article. My only criticism of this would have to be possibly previewing your blog post before they come up in order to make sure you don’t end up with any awkward spacing or misplaced grammar issues.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I really liked how many links you used in your entry, it helped to understand what you were talking about in your blog. Also since I also follow Adam Rittenburg’s blog as well it was interesting to see what you thought about it. I agree that the blog doesn’t have any weaknesses and I think Friday Four Downs is one of my favorite things to read.

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